Thursday, August 28, 2008


On my own time I like to experiment with texture and color. Watercolor is a great medium for this. Its not only unforgiving but the textures you can get are unlimited. So, i just put brush to paper and see what comes out. Ahh, for some odd reason its very relaxing.

Aqua Teen Fake Marine Commercial

These are still frames from something I did earlier this year for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. For this I did the character designs, storyboards, painted the character textures, painted the sky, and supervised the animation. Weeew that's alot to even type out. Its alot of fun to have creative freedom. This is not the final but very close. The boards were very quickly done just to get the concept approved.

Living the Fairy Tale

This is a commercial that I had lot of fun with. I really wanted this spot to have a lot of energy with design. Especially, since there wasn't much 2d animation. I boarded, designed and painted most of it. The real challenge here was to design the popup book to seem like it would actually work.